Behind South Korea’s Vibrant Democracy Today

South Korea’s democracy shares equally great contributions from its different parts and people from different walks of life. The country’s pro-democratic spirit is still alive among people.


Distortion of May 18 Uprising Outrages Nation

..should sincerely let an independent committee carry out a fair investigation and ensure the justice that the victims and their families have been awaiting the last 39 years.

Weekly Round-up: July 2, 2018


Welcome to the weekly update on human rights in Nepal. This week’s round-up [25 June- 1 July 2018] features a multitude of issues and events concerning human rights in Nepal.

The major highlights of human rights in Nepal included serious concerns on Ganga Maya Adhikari’s hunger strike demanding justice for her son’s killing during the Maoist insurgency, new transitional justice bill tabled in the parliament, the Supreme Court’s rejection of the UNDP funding proposal for rule of law project, the passing of new Police Act in Province 2, which ensures equal participation of women in law enforcement agencies, and formation of struggle committee by stateless persons in Terai.

The below is the brief summary for the highlights.

Ganga Maya Adhikari’s deteriorating health draws NHRC’s serious concern

Ina press release issued by its commissioner Mohna Ansari last Thursday, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) urged the government to become sensitive…

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Addressing Torture in Nepal

Torture, though labelled as inhuman treatment, is still prevalent in Nepal despite the state’s obligation and repeated commitment to prevent it. Nepal is obliged to prevent torture because it has signed and ratified United Nations’ Convention against Torture (CAT) in 1991. As the world stands in support of victims of torture on June 26 today—the [...]