Flowers – Fine Art OF Nature

There are hardly few people, on the earth, who are not fond of flowers. The flowers are recognized as fine art of nature. They possess a great mystery within them .They are so beautiful that everyone wishes to be in touch of them. Therefore flower plants are planted for their own benefits.

Planting flowers is accepted according to people’s own choice. Growing flowers is known as floriculture. Some people plant flowers for decoration, some for business and some just to worship .If our houses lack fair looking, it can be fulfilled with a nice blooming garden. Some people plant flowers for religious purpose. They are offered to God to appease Him. Without these pretty things one can’t pray to God. They are planted for business as well. They are exported and from them various types of perfumes, soaps, aromatic oils, etc. are extracted. Making garlands and bouquets they are sent to market for sale. Nurseries and seed production can also be adopted to have better earnings.

Besides them, the flowers are tended to pass our time. It is said, “An empty mind is a devil’s workshop.”If we have nothing to do, our mind may be filled with nonsense.

So, to avoid them, tending flowers is the best way. As we are in the company of flowers, we get the ideas which can be very useful for our life. A flower’s companion has remarked as a good gardener or a flower lover can be best parents only. In other words, one who dislikes flowers, how can he love his kids?

Poets compose miracle poems noticing their charming beauty. So, the poets are also named as nature lovers. The things that cannot be expressed audibly can be delivered to others by gifting the beautiful creations. Such case is with lovers and beloveds. As we go through great people’s biographies, we find they are also fond of flowers. For instance, we can have our sights in our community too.

Here’s a fact experienced by one of my respected Gurus, ‘A common sense is the sense that is uncommon in common people.’ Suppose you are gardening in the garden, you have servants or others who are not educated; they may laugh at you or call you fool since they don’t realize its importance. That’s it. They are common people and flower is a common thing. They don’t have such hobby. The fact we get here proved.

There are many things we can learn from flowers. As I have experienced once, there was a question arising within me – “Why are people attracted to flowers?” As I kept on considering on it, I came to know that they have the qualities like they are always cheerful, colourful, harmful, fragrant and useful. Therefore people can’t help loving them. Thinking over it a person is loved by everyone if he has some qualities as cheerful, helpful and wisdom. To make people love you, you won’t fall behind others but they follow you, you have those qualities. Flowers can be compared as an ocean of knowledge for the people who think. Here’s the thing said above is a drop only from the ocean. You can have them tending them. To sum up, this beautiful thing is needed from our cradle to the grave.

Published by The Young Guys Weekly,  English Weekly Newspaper Publishing from Birgunj


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