Distortion of May 18 Uprising Outrages Nation

..should sincerely let an independent committee carry out a fair investigation and ensure the justice that the victims and their families have been awaiting the last 39 years.


In search of judicial independence

To federalise the judiciary, it is high time to start the debate afresh. By ignoring the issue & without reform, we’re watching a return of history, compromising on judicial independence.

Citizenship and naturalisation

Madhesis do not want provisions that might compromise their relations with people across the border The debate over the citizenship has once again flared up in Nepal as the government is set to register an amendment proposal in Parliament to modify the constitution for the second time. One of the key issues for the amendment […]

Nepalis United: Aftermath of Earthquakes in Nepal

Life devastated by April 25 great earthquake was crawling back to normalcy when, all of a sudden, another powerful earthquake (aftershock) jolted the nation on May 12, on the 18th day after the first quake. It has terrorized people. However, unity among Nepalis has provided healing touch to the affected people. I had two different […]

Devastating Earthquake of April 25: Desperate times

I originally wrote this for Republica. All of a sudden, all electronic gadgets in my room were automatically turned off Saturday noon. I had been working on my laptop at the time. At that inauspicious time when the clock showed 11:56, my bed started to shakeand the TV set almost jumped at me. I rushed […]

Judhshital: Water Festival in Terai

Nepalis across the country revel in various festivities to mark New Year according to Bikram era calendar. The pattern of celebration is the same across the nation. However, people in Mithila region—mostly the geographical areas stretching from Rautahat to Morang in Tarai—have recently celebrated New Year 2071 for two days. On the first day, they […]

Dashain in Terai: Jhijhiya

Dashain fever has gripped Nepalis and women from the southern parts of the country in particular are busy singing folk songs and dancing during this greatest festival of Hindus.  With the start of Dashain festival, women from Mithila region—mostly the geographical areas stretching from Rautahat to Morang in Tarai—celebrate their tradition and heritage of folk […]