June 23, 2021

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Quake victims in Pokhara want to return home

I translated this Nepali story into English for Republica (original link)
Maya Gurung
Maya Gurung, one of quake victims from Gorkha, shelters in Pokhara
By Keshav Sharan Lamichhane
POKHARA, May 20: The displaced locals of Gorkha, who have been taking shelter in Pokhara, have expressed their wish to return home, saying they no longer want to stay in temporary shelters.
Maya Gurung, who had been forced to move to Pokhara after her 8-month-old son, Yuman, fell sick while living in a tent in the district, said she wants to return home. Her son was admitted at Western Regional Hospital in Pokhara. She has now been taking shelter at Nayabazaar of Pokhara for the last two weeks.Tamu Dhi, an organization working for the welfare of Gurung community, has provided shelter to Maya Gurung, an earthquake victim from Gorkha.”Taking shelter here is easy as many people come here to support us,” said Maya.

Many other displaced have been taking shelter there. Even their children have been provided with food and playing materials, while elderly can watch TV. Special arrangement has been made for new mothers and newborns.
However, the quake victims taking shelter in Pokhara are now willing to return.”For how long should we depend on others,” said Suman Gurung, who hails from Gunda village in Gorkha. “We are more concerned about children and the elderly,” he added.Amid a function organized on on Tuesday, Suman Gurung shared with Dinesh Thapaliya, regional administrator of Tamu Dhi, that the government should provide free transport services for them to return to their villages from Pokhara.

Following the first earthquake, 300 affected people of Gorkha district, including 150 jantatis, are taking shelter in Pokhara, according to Saraswati Gurung, a member of Tamu Dhi.