June 23, 2021

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About Me

I am Praveen Kumar Yadav (Call me “Praveen” in short) from Terai, Southern Part of Nepal, which is politically and popularly known as Madhesh with plain land that links with the Open Indo-Nepal Border. Since the economic condition of my family could not afford me better education, I have struggled my life for creating  my own existence in the competitive world. Here are the two phrases viz. Simple Living High Thinking and Learning by Doing that always guided me. Of Course, it is truly said, “Where there is Will, There is a Way” and likewise, when I felt the need of support from respected Gurus/teachers/friends, they fully supported me with their open heart. I have created this blog as an inspiration from Ghanashyam Sharma, a great writer and a blogger.

The Principle of My Life: SIMPLE Living HIGH Thinking 

The proof of the theory ‘Simple Living High Thinking’ lies in the real-life examples of the world. We can ourselves see that all the great thinkers of the world led a simple life. Some of them continued to remain simple and hence, they maintained their creativity till their last moment, while others fell prey to the worldly temptations and lost their genius.

Mahatma Gandhi was once asked to describe an ideal life style and he responded by saying “Simple Living and High Thinking”. There are a lot of people who believe on his thought ‘Simple Living High Thinking and so do I. They are living their life basing on the principle and So am I.

Gautama Buddha is one of the greatest philosophers of the world, who was born in 563 BC. He founded Buddhism, one of the greatest religions of the world. He was the son of King Shuddodhan and was brought up in luxuries of life. He got married and had a son. However, at the age of 29, he renounced all the material possessions including his family and became a monk. He wandered in all places and meditated for six years before he got enlightenment or true knowledge at the age of 35.

Likewise, Jesus Christ was the founder of Christianity, the most popular religion of the world. He was born at Bethlehem from Joseph and Mary. He assisted his father in carpentry. His parents escaped to Egypt to protect their child from the reach of the Judean king, Herod the Great. Jesus was lost at the age of 12 and no account of his life is available till he attained the age of 30, when he was baptized. Following his baptism, Jesus fasted for forty days and forty nights. During this time, the devil appeared to him and tempted Jesus thrice. Each time, Jesus refused each temptation. He started his public discourses thereafter, which attracted a large number of people and gradually gave birth to Christianity.

Similarly, Albert Einstein is widely regarded as the greatest scientist of the 20th century and even  of all time. He could not find a teaching job due to his unconventional thoughts. The father of a classmate helped him obtain employment as a technical assistant examiner at the Swiss Patent Office in 1902. The job barely provided him enough salary to make both ends meet. During these years, he stayed in a single room apartment with bare minimum facilities. Yet in 1905, he wrote four papers that changed the world forever and gave birth to modern physics. Most physicists agree that three of those papers (on Brownian motion, the photoelectric effect, and special relativity) deserved Nobel Prizes. He was awarded Nobel Prize for his paper on Photoelectric Effect in 1921, i.e. 16 years after its publication. Despite being world-famous, he maintained a simple life-style and lived in a small apartment at Princeton University. He limited his wardrobe so as to save time in selecting his dress.

We can find similar lifestyles among all great thinkers and philosophers like Darwin, Newton, Mirza Galib (Urdu Poet), Tulsidas, Kabirdas and innumerable other great thinkers of the world.. In the history of mankind, no king, or dictator, or rich man has ever earned recognition as a creative genius, though they had fulfilled all their physiological needs.

I always believe on the principle “SIMPLE Living HIGH Thinking” that is the secret behind the success of the successful persons in the world in my views. What do you think?

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  1. Dear Praveen Sir,
    I’m very happy to read your an article basing on ” SIMPLE Living HIGH Thinking”. Really it is the secret behind the success of the sucessful persons in the world.

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